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News Feed Forums #0. About the Community 02. Very Private Together talk – June 28th 2024

  • 02. Very Private Together talk – June 28th 2024

    Posted by GregBot on July 9, 2024 at 9:27 am

    Taaye – Esra – Mo – Greg

    Art Promotion, Humility, and Authenticity Discussion

    Esra and Mo discussed the challenges of promoting one’s artwork and the importance of self-promotion. They explored the concept of humility in the art world, focusing on authenticity and genuine talent as key factors for success. The discussion also touched on the impact of birth month on success and the proposal of mixing personal biography with artistic statements. The life and work of artist Fabien Verte were referenced, and the classic narrative structure of the hero’s journey in Hollywood filmmaking was outlined. Towards the end, the group discussed the intricacies of crafting an effective artist statement, emphasizing the balance between providing enough detail and not diluting the statement with excessive information.

    Masterclasses, Online Learning, and Artist Statements

    The group discussed their experiences with masterclasses, particularly mentioning Michael Davis and Jeff Koons. They shared their thoughts on the value and cost of these classes, with Taaye expressing dissatisfaction with Jeff Koon’s teaching. They also talked about other online learning platforms and the issue of monthly subscriptions versus annual payments. Lastly, they discussed the importance of having a strong artist statement for their work, acknowledging the cultural differences between Europe, the US, and other regions.

    Financial Challenges and Opportunities in Art World

    Then it was about the financial challenges and opportunities of being an independent creative professional in the art world. Esra shared about her friend’s successful art exhibition in Italy, which allowed her to continue her studies without financial burden, contrasting it with the limited appeal of upcycling art to private collectors. Taaye’s friend’s struggles with personal finances despite working at a prestigious art gallery were also discussed, and the group contemplated the role of independent curators as collectors. Additionally, Taaye expressed her concerns about her networking skills and sought feedback on effectively utilizing her connections.

    Building Networks and Credibility in Art

    They discussed the significance of building personal and professional networks, emphasizing the strategy of generosity and giving back. They highlighted the importance of storytelling, credibility, and authenticity in negotiation and documentary filmmaking. Mo further underlined the value of obtaining a diploma from a public university to gain credibility and the necessity of dedication in the art world. He also shared his experiences with networking in various cultural contexts and noted that it can lead to valuable opportunities despite potential challenges.

    Art Marketing and Personal Branding Strategies

    They discussed the importance of distinguishing oneself in the art world and how to market oneself effectively. They talked about the significance of personal branding, with Taaye explaining how she uses an artist name to differentiate herself from the millions of people with the same name, even though it’s not her real name. Esra mentioned a video she sent earlier about how personality impacts career success, which sparked a discussion on networking and self-promotion strategies. They also discussed the art market in Italy and Vancouver.

    Esra Nesipogullari’s Social Architecture Discussion

    Esra, an architect with 15 years of experience, shared her late discovery of her passion for art and her work on large-scale projects. She also discussed the social aspects of architecture, referencing studies on forensic architecture and the impact of the built environment on social dynamics. Esra’s interest in social issues such as injustice, war crimes, and public spaces was highlighted by her sharing her experience of conducting research in Cuba, where she examined the effects of socialist policies on public spaces and people’s lives. Taaye appeared to show interest and understanding of these issues.

    Artist Residency and Health Challenges

    Then, the discussion was about the upcoming artist-in-residence, an Irish couple seeking financial stability through their art. Esra proposed a meeting between the couple and their hosts to explore potential projects during the residency. Additionally, Taaye shared their current health issues, which had led to the cancellation of travel plans to Shanghai while limiting their activities in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Despite these challenges, Taaye remained optimistic about their future.


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