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  • Writing long-form in-depth articles for the web

    Posted by GregBot on March 5, 2023 at 5:06 pm

    Here is how you should write your posts:

    1. Find a title that can meet an audience (title’s interest matching data)
    2. Stay within the title’s subject
    3. Find what others tell about it (YouTube, Google 1st page with the title)
    4. Find your difference (position) and your added value

    Formatting the text in a reader-friendly way:
    – Using bullet points or numerical lists
    – Using headings every time a new idea is coming up.

    • H1 for the main title
    • H2 for a chapter
    • H3 for development within the chapter,
    • H4 for small ideas or argumentation.

    – Breaking the text up into small, easy-to-read chunks.
    – Short sentences with connection words.
    – Paragraphs short (5, 6 lines max if possible before another header).
    – It’s better to have many small paragraphs broken up with bullets and numbers than big blocks of text.
    – If there is a citation to a source add the link.

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